Sony Reader Vs Kindle


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Sony Reader

6 Inch Touch Screen Display

512MB Of Memory

0.4 Inches Thick

Less Than 9 Ounces

7,500 Page Turns Of Battery Life

Easy To Read Screen

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Screen Is High Contrast

Can Read In Sunlight With No Glare

Only 8.7 Ounces In Weight

Capable Of Two Month Battery Life

3500 Books Can Be Stored

3G Wireless With No Fees

Wi-Fi Technology

Easy To Use

Massive Selection Of Books

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The Sony reader and kindle are both good devices, but many people like to go with the kindle. The kindle now has free 3G technology and built in wi-fi. It has been updated to be lighter and contains a better screen than before. The weigh of both devices is very similar and they are both close to nine ounces. Battery life on these devices is exceptional and the kindle can go up to two months between charges. You also cannot beat the selection of books that are available for the kindle reader. Something that you also might want to consider is the nook color. This device has a vivid screen and you can also browse the internet and check your email. The nook also has a touch screen and the kindle does not. Please browse around this site and check the prices of each device above.