Nook Color Vs Kindle


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Nook Color

Screen Is 7 Inches Of Vivid Color

Large Selection Of Books

Read Magazines & Newspapers

Ability To Check Email & Browse The Web

Large 8GB Memory

Touchscreen Display

Built In Wi-Fi

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Screen High In Contrast

No Glare For Easy Sunlight Reading

8.7 Ounces

Battery Life Up To Two Months

3500 Books May Be Stored

No Fees For 3G Wireless

Built In Wi-Fi

Easy & Simple To Read

Gigantic Selection Of Books

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There are some aspects to bear in mind when comparing the nook color vs kindle. It is most obvious that the nook is offered with a vivid color display and the kindle is in black and white. Screen sizes are similar between the two. The nook color also has the great feature of being able to check your email and browse the web. Certain newspapers and magazines can also be viewed in full color on the nook color. The selection of books and battery life of the kindle and nook are similar. Both screens feature low glare technology that allows for easy reading even in direct sunlight. Both machines are able to store many books. The kindle can now be purchased with 3G capabilities. Another similarity is that they are both lightweight. One other thing that is quite different between the two is that the color nook is offered with a tough screen and the kindle is not. When considering the kindle vs nook, many things are quite similar. Either book reading device will be a good decision, it is just a matter of personal preference.