Nook Vs Kindle


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Kindle Fire

New Full Color Touch Screen

Get Magazines In Full Color

Super Fast Web Browsing

Over 100,000 TV Shows & Movies

Millions Of Books

Extra Durable Display

Check Email & Listen To Music

Games, Web, Apps, Movies, & More

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Kindle Touch

Great Touch Screen

Borrow Books From Libraries

Advanced E Ink Display

Sleek & Light

Built In Wi-Fi

Over 1 Million Books Available

Can Store 3000 Books

Read To Me Feature

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Nook Color

Full Color 7 Inch Screen

Huge Selection Of Books

Get Magazines & Newspapers

Browse The Web & Check Email

8GB Of Memory

Touchscreen Technology

Built In Wi-Fi

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Nook Black & White

6 Inch Touch Screen

Light & Thin - Under 7.5 Ounces

Long Battery Life - Up To 2 Months

Easily Readable In Bright Sun

On Screen Keyboard

Holds Up To 1000 Books

Wi-Fi Technology

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Original Kindle

High Contrast Screen

No Glare, Readable In Sunlight

Only 8.7 Ounces

Battery Life Up To Two Months

Stores Up To 3500 Books

3G Wireless With No Fees

Built In Wi-Fi

Simple To Use

Massive Selection Of Books

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When looking at the nook vs kindle, there are a few key differences to keep in mind. The most obvious difference is that the nook is offered in black and white or as the nook color. The nook color has a large 7 inch vivid color display. It also has the ability to browse the internet and check email. You have to option to view certain magazines and newspapers in full color with the nook color. Both devices offer exceptional battery life and book selection. It is easy to read both displays in the sunlight because of their low glare and bright screens. Both devices also can use wi-fi and can hold a large number of books. The latest kindle now uses 3G technology also. These e book readers are both lightweight also. Another difference is that the nook uses a touch screen where the kindle does not. When looking at the kindle vs nook, they are really quite similar except for the few things that I mentioned above. Either one will be a good choice, it just depends on your personal preferences.